Nursery service is offered each Sunday from 8:30 - 11:30 A.M. and at other times as needed.

Jasminka Mujanic joined the nursery staff in September, 2004. Jasminka was no stranger to several of our young ones having taught them at St. Mark’s Day School. Jasminka greets each child who enters the nursery with love. It’s not unusual to hear her call each “my baby.” We are blessed by her gift of caring. We have also been blessed with her gift of energy and artistic talent. Stop by the nursery to see what she has accomplished!

Jasminka’s sister, Seida Zejnic joined the staff in May, 2005. She shares the gift of loving care that her sister brought to Good Shepherd Church.

For more information send email to or contact the parish office at 904-387-5691.




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