Verger & Acolytes


At the head of the acolyte corps is the Verger. Vergers hold the leadership office among lay servers. Their chief function is to ensure the order of the worship service. The verger leads the procession into and out of the church and guides the acolytes in performing their duties at the altar and throughout the worship service.

Acolytes, or altar servers, can be of any gender or age. Our acolytes help in the worship service by carrying a processional cross, lighting candles, holding the Gospel book, carrying candles or "torches", helping the priest or deacon set up and clean up at the altar, swing the incense thurible, carry the incense boat, hand the offering plates to ushers, or other tasks assigned by the priest or acolyte warden.

The acolytes can be recognized because their vestments are different from those of the clergy, lay eucharistic ministers, or the choir. Our acolytes wear robes, or albs, along with a robe belt, or cincture. The cincture, usually made of twisted rope with knots on the ends, is a different color during each liturgical season. Acolytes may wear crosses, pins or other symbols.

Acolyte training is held at various times during the calendar year. If you are interested in serving as an acolyte, please send email to




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