Image-UshersReferences to the ministry of the usher can be found as early as 251 AD when Pope Cornelius wrote of the importance of the ministry in a pastoral letter. In the early church, the ministry of the usher, then referred to as a “porter,” was the ministry of attending the door, the entryway to worship. The usher kept watch during time of persecution. The usher knew who the baptized members of the church community were, and admitted to the Eucharist those people of God who were eligible to be present. The church is far from the days when it was necessary to keep watch for persecutors or to screen worshipers for eligibility to participate in the Eucharist. The usher’s job is no longer to exclude people from worship, but rather it is to welcome people to worship.

The job of the Ushers at Good Shepherd is the ministry of hospitality. It is from the Ushers that visitors to Good Shepherd will feel welcome in the church building and know that they are as important to God and our worship of Him as every other person in the congregation. Ushers are responsible for assuring that all visitors to Good Shepherd are warmly greeted in the church building and carefully seated to assure that the visitor will not feel lost during the service.

If you are interested in serving as an Usher at Good Shepherd, please send email to




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